Looking for ways to get engaged with our community? We'd love to help. Whether you have something to share, or just want to meet people, ask questions, share fears and doubts, and experience love and grace and forgiveness, there's a place for you. Check out a few of the opportunities we have available right now.

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Over and over again, Jesus implores people to do the same thing: "follow me." But what does that mean? What does it mean to call yourself a follower of Jesus? How do we follow, and--perhaps just as important--what hinders us from following well? We invite you to connect with a member of First Baptist to explore more about following Jesus. To find out how, email us at follow@fbccottonwood.org.




We are, by nature, worshipful beings. We direct our love and attention and desire toward the people or things we feel are most valuable and worthy. At First Baptist Church, we sincerely believe that God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is that most valuable and worthy being. Every Sunday morning, we gather to acknowledge that belief, in prayer, the singing of songs, the reading of Scripture, and through teaching. We are always looking for more followers of Jesus to serve with us and share their creative gifts. If you want to learn more, email us at serve@fbccottonwood.org.


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Community Groups are the primary way we live life together at Door of Hope. Our groups take their cues from the early church described in the book of Acts, chapter 2: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers…” Community groups exist for people to know one another and be known as we follow Jesus together.

Our groups typically meet weekly in homes across Portland, where we spend time together sharing food, discussing the Scriptures, praying, and looking for opportunities to serve one another and the city. The groups consist of around fifteen people. Our hope is that the relationships that form at group will grow to transcend the once-per-week, two-hour meeting and spill over into the ongoing rhythms of life.