LIFE TOGETHER (2017-2018)

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When Jesus saves you, he brings you into a community of people who also have been saved. As a community, you are united not by common social ideologies, not by economic status, not by age, not by culture, but simply and wholly by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Only that. No more, no less. Because of this undeniable, incontrovertible fact, if you have personally experienced the grace and love of Jesus, you know that this community truly is a family. And we don’t want to be a family that only sees each other on holidays and helps each other out of obligation and responsibility. We want to be a family that lives life together, that sees one another for who we really, truly, actually are, and loves each other for it.

This series, and the book of Philippians that we journey through, comes down to this. Everything Paul has shared, all of his ups and downs, every encouragement and warning, returns to this. In Christ, saved by grace through faith, we are a family. This is no professional relationship that we have. This is no ideological society that we contribute to. This is a brotherhood. This is sisters and brothers, given a new identity by Jesus as children of God, those who believe in him, are held in him, and who follow him with everything that we are and everything that we have. It requires surrender, it requires release, but I promise you, the reward, the riches in glory in Christ Jesus, are beyond what you will ever know.